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Books in review #bookpost1

Who says you can’t leave LOVE upto chance?

Book     : The Flip Side                                                                             Author : James Bailey                                           Genre   : Romantic-Comedy

The story starts with Josh’s perfect idea of proposing his long-term girlfriend, Jade, who is his boss’ daughter, on the top of the London Eye(seems romantic) on New year’s eve. But he gets rejected(why?). And yes, he is now fianceless, jobless, and oh! homeless too(they shared a flat, more precisely, it was Jade’s flat). Josh moved back to his parents house, a small village in Bristol with Jeremy(his rabbit) . Yes, he is pathetic and downhearted, nothing left to lose. Which made him think that all those decisions he made had left him absurd and broken, so he decided to let a found coin decide his fate(how?) for the next one year. His friends Jake and Jake(haha! Dual Jake), Jessie, at first teases him about his decision but gradually they get obsessed with this coin thing. Everytime Josh let the coin make a decision for him ended up with distinctive results,quirky situations, unparalleled scenarios, but each time he found himself a little. Umm….will the coin give a better shot when it comes to found his SUNFLOWER GIRL🌻(why she named as so?)all over Europe without even knowing her name and more obvious details?

🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻

It’s a heartwarming, refreshing and joyous romantic comedy. The author is not just jumped onto the passionate romance, moreover, it’s a light story of one’s life, including his family and friends, ups and downs, daily struggles of life and how Josh finds his love when his life was falling apart. All the characters are genuine, authentic and amusing. Josh, both Jake’s and Jessie are giving the major squad goals. I found myself laughing out loud most of the time. Although quite a few times I felt like the story was going off track. The writing was compelling, especially the dialogues were very expressive and impressive which made the plotline surreal.

~you had me at rom-com

I personally love this book and couldn’t stop thinking about it since I finished reading it. If you are searching for a good, uplifting and light story to read, if that’s your mood so far, just go for this one without giving it a second thought.

I enjoyed reading every bit! Hopefully, this will turn out the same for you too!

Catch you later!                                                       B-bye!                                                                         

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