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First read’22 #bookpost2

New year|New theme|New book

Hey y’ll! Welcome again to my blog!

Let’s just say I start this year with a bang! I am welcoming 2022 with this pretty novel. Without any further ado, let’s just hop onto the book

Name   : The Christmas Sisters                                    Author : Sarah Morgan                                                                   Genre  : Domestic fiction, contemporary romance 

I’m not too far into it right now, to be precise, I’m on the 3rd chapter on the 3rd day of 2022 but I am really enjoying it! It’s a heartwarming and emotionally rich tale of three sisters and family bonding. “Christmas is all about coming home”, Suzanne is also waiting for her (adopted)daughters to come home this Christmas, but the anxiety is running high….

The eldest sister, Hannah has avoided coming home for Christmas for the past 2 years, hiding secrets. Beth- The middle sister, busy in assembling her personal and professional life. The youngest sister, Posy, lives with her parents and helps in running the family cafe but wants to explore more.

Will Suzanne’s dream of a perfect Christmas come true? Will this Christmas bring the whole family together? Alas!!!! There are a number of questions running through my mind and I couldn’t wait to read further to find out where this plotline takes turns.

So there you have it. This is the first book I chose to read in 2022.

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Thank you!


3 responses to “First read’22 #bookpost2”

  1. Nice 🌸 the content like these fresh our mind and soul ✌🏻
    Keep making such content your words gives us such a peaceful moment 👍🏻

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