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February is the border between winter and spring.

Greeting bloggerssss!!!!

I just thought to serve ya’ll up with a tag post to start this month with a BOOM. This blog is for all my enthralled bibliomaniacs, let’s discuss our PAST(last), PRESENT(now) and FUTURE(next) read with one another.

Without much ado, let’s get to the tag!

Points to remember :

  • Link back to the ORIGINAL CREATOR-@Shivakshiiifyblogs.
  • Show gratitude to the person who tagged you.
  • Mention these points in your post.
  • Answer the following questions and use the original graphics and featured image.
  • Use the tag “Book Tag|LAST, NOW, NEXT|” in your post.
  • Tag as many bloggers as you want.
  • Have fun!


The flip side”, by James Baily is the last book I read. It’s a light-hearted romance tale of Josh and his sunflower girl.

yesss..big yess… It is a delightful rom-com novel. This one is a cute and fun love story. What I love about this book is the author takes his time showing Josh’s life and the struggles he faced in the journey of finding his sunflower girl rather than just hopping onto the passionate romance.

Click here to check out the review post of this book.

As light and easy read, I enjoyed reading it. If you want to read a warm and uplifting tale, if that’s your mood so far, then I surely recommend this to you.


So I am currently binge reading “the Christmas Sisters”, by Sarah Morgan.

I picked this book around New Year as I thought it would be a perfect festive read. Also, I am a fan of family drama tales.

Well, I could have finished it by now but then I caught up in some other stuff. So I am assuming to finish this wonderful book by the mid-Feb(most-probably).

Tap here to read more about the Christmas sisters.


I am thinking of reading some crime drama or mystery tales or maybe a biography. Well, right now I couldn’t say what genre I pick next. It completely depends on what type of mood I will be in.

Umm.. I will skip this too on my mood. Generally, I prefer long read books.

I have a long-long-long list of books but I have to mention only some, aah! tough, but here we go: One last stand, Norwegian wood, The Alchemist, The road trip, You live only once, City of girls, will you still love me, love happened twice(ya! I am a big fan of Ravinder Singh novels).


Must go through their blogs and appreciate their work 🙂

That’s all for today! Hope you like this book tag. Looking forward to your participation!

Let’s have a chit-chat in the comment box. Tell me about your favourite book. Have you read any of these books? Is there any book you want to recommend to me!

Welcome, February🍒


25 responses to “Book Tag|LAST, NOW, NEXT|”

  1. Thank you so so much for the tag!
    I actually am not much of a bookworm, so I don’t read many books… BUT-BUT I will try my best to participate, and enjoy the contest! Thanks once again for nominating me, means a LOT to me🥺

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  2. Too good shivi 👍🏻 , i dont read much books due lack of time but these are some of the books which i have related to business and Social life : Rich dad Poor day , how to influence people and atomic habits .

    Liked by 1 person

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