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Playing devil’s advocate with the voices in your head!

Did you hear some horrendous voices in your head? Do these voices scare you? Do you find it difficult to shut them out?

Voices can be of many types but the thing is your inner voice is shattered in between these awful voices and you might get confused as to hear which voice.

These “voices” are nothing but insane thoughts that click in your head creating discomfort and inconvenience. These voices can be a result of ANXIETY, STRESS or DEPRESSION.

For once in a while, we have been in that state of mind when the circumstance seems too much to cope with and giving those inevitable voices a push to enter our head. It’s YOU who decide whether to hear those voices or let them rot in the trash corner of your skull.

It’s like we always have these voices in our heads. When we were in our early growing era- used to think like some demon is hiding under our bed or in the cupboard. When we step into teenage- there is self-doubt, anxiety or feeling messy. And when we were in between our 20s-30s- start doubting whether we make the right choices or not?! It’s the VOICES telling us to be so. These voices take over your ability to think and make reality blurred.

It’s vital to infer that it is life and there would be such instances when these voices try to put you down. But you have to decipher these voices into some meaningful notions or else it would be a win or win for the DEVIL. And if the devil wins, you might lose your entity. So don’t ever be the devil’s advocate!

Being a devil’s advocate is not always a terrible thing. It can be productive if done right and provides you with a new and improvised idea. But remember it’s not as easy as it seems. It’s like a devil and an angel over your shoulders.


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