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I impulsively muddle through the fences. I buried my face under my knees so that the dead of night would no longer frighten me. There is darkness all around.  

There’s this murky road, surrounded by trees on both sides, covered with dense mist. I gathered up all my courage and ran straight into the darkness.

Suddenly, a cauldron of bats crossed me, I fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

It started to snow.

I felt the snowflakes draping over me. I was lying there on the ground. Cold feet, shivered lips, heart palpitates. The coldness of the night is getting into my nerves. It feels like darkness inside my heart, emptiness in my soul and silence running through my body. I was numbed and tried to open the lashes but I don’t even have that much strength left. 

The night was getting icy-cold and I was frozen to the bones. The night was not getting gentle on me. Now my body’s cold tolerance has broken out. I grasp for my breath but there is ice in the air making it hard to breathe. There is only so much an individual can endure.

I am losing it….I am losing all of it. I let myself sink into the darkness of the night.

*feeling warm*

I opened my eyes…wrapped in a soft quilt. I was in my attic bedroom.

It was a nightmare.

*But a vicious thunderstorm pounded the region last night*



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