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  • August- A story
    The sun was almost doused in the lap of the ocean spreading orange hues all over the place. “It’s a beautiful place to spend the vacation”, Jenny said while admiring the view. She took the luggage out of her car and started to head […]
  • Little things that aren’t Little >>
    “Remember when conversations”/”Scentedcandles”/” today’s off”/”Chills in the winter mornings”/”Stealing friends hoodie”/”Proud of you”/”Eating your favorite snacks”/”Manifestation”/”Angel numbers”/”That’s on me”/”For you”/”Book, coffee and spotify”/”Unexpected meeting of an old friend in the metro”/”Sharing every detail with yout bestF”/”Sitting in silence with your person”/”Text me once you’ve […]
  • Happiness is the new rich>>
    Happiness is the most expensive thing. Happiness can’t be bought, it is established. It took years to assemble a heart that can spread happiness. Are you happy? In all honesty, people nowadays, are forgetting real happiness. What it looks like to be genuinely happy. […]
  • Scenes that caught my eye!
    Just wandering around and clicking some pictures. Felt like sharing it with you guys!
  • A little lost. A little found#2
    *Writing this at midnight* Feeling confused, overwhelmed and pathetic. Is that normal?! Does it happens to you too?! Oh, hold on, feeling constantly sleepy and hungry too. Morose, quiet and reticent are the constant moods these days. Still trying to figure out how to […]