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Tag: bibliophile

  • Books I’ve been EYEING on!

    Books I’ve been EYEING on!

    Hello folks! I saw this post onThe name is Divi, and thought this is something even I wanna do so here I am! Also she has a wonderful blog do check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every reader has a long-long list of books that they always wanted to read. Likewise, I also fancy some books and couldn’t…

  • Till the end of the time//Review Post

    Till the end of the time//Review Post

    “Everyone else has their own stories. Every individual is the star of their movie. The movie named “life”. Quick Recapāš” The book starts with PRITHVI, who narrates the story to his little sister KIYA. It is the story of a sweet, simple and studious girl RIYA, who is soon going to step into college. Riya…

  • Book Tag|LAST, NOW, NEXT|

    Book Tag|LAST, NOW, NEXT|

    February is the border between winter and spring. Greeting bloggerssss!!!! I just thought to serve ya’ll up with a tag post to start this month with a BOOM. This blog is for all my enthralled bibliomaniacs, let’s discuss our PAST(last), PRESENT(now) and FUTURE(next) read with one another. Without much ado, let’s get to the tag!…