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Tag: content writing

  • A little lost. A little found#2

    A little lost. A little found#2

    *Writing this at midnight* Feeling confused, overwhelmed and pathetic. Is that normal?! Does it happens to you too?! Oh, hold on, feeling constantly sleepy and hungry too. Morose, quiet and reticent are the constant moods these days. Still trying to figure out how to fix this bobbled mood. Nothing is wrong still nothing seems right.…

  • This is life

    This is life

    This is life. Here you are sometimes sad or sometimes happier than ever, sometimes you are lost or sometimes you know exactly where you stand. Here you met a lot of people some will help you grow while some will try to put you down, some will make your heart loved while some will make…

  • A little lost.A little found

    A little lost.A little found

    I am a teenager. I want to live my life without stressing over grades or questioning my potential. But yet, here I am doing all those things which I least appreciate and ignoring my true joy. Sometimes I am so much tired of doing what I am doing(if that makes sense?!) There are days when…

  • The remarkable blogger tag!

    The remarkable blogger tag!

    *Greetingsss* fellow bloggers! This was the first time I got nominated for a tag post and the credit goes to….goes to….Maggie thank you so much dear for nominating me! She has a wonderful blog and what I personally love about her blog is DOODLES. Do check out her blog! This tag was originally created by…

  • Before I die I want to..

    Before I die I want to..

    What’s on your bucket list? We all have a list of things to do, desires to accomplish and dreams to fulfil. These entities are the highlights of YOUR whole life. When you are at the edge of your existence and tally your entire life that time you will realize what you have accomplished in all…