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Tag: discussion

  • Playing devil’s advocate with the voices in your head!

    Playing devil’s advocate with the voices in your head!

    Did you hear some horrendous voices in your head? Do these voices scare you? Do you find it difficult to shut them out? Voices can be of many types but the thing is your inner voice is shattered in between these awful voices and you might get confused as to hear which voice. These “voices”…

  • This is life

    This is life

    This is life. Here you are sometimes sad or sometimes happier than ever, sometimes you are lost or sometimes you know exactly where you stand. Here you met a lot of people some will help you grow while some will try to put you down, some will make your heart loved while some will make…

  • Book Tag|LAST, NOW, NEXT|

    Book Tag|LAST, NOW, NEXT|

    February is the border between winter and spring. Greeting bloggerssss!!!! I just thought to serve ya’ll up with a tag post to start this month with a BOOM. This blog is for all my enthralled bibliomaniacs, let’s discuss our PAST(last), PRESENT(now) and FUTURE(next) read with one another. Without much ado, let’s get to the tag!…