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Tag: fun-time

  • Scenes that caught my eye!

    Scenes that caught my eye!

    Just wandering around and clicking some pictures. Felt like sharing it with you guys!

  • The game “Would You Rather”

    The game “Would You Rather”

    Welcome bloggers!! I took the initiative to introduce something new and unusual to the blog. So here I am with a game!!!!!! I came across this game while surfing the internet and I find it quite amusing. “Would you rather” is pertained to as a game in which people have to choose between two situations…

  • The remarkable blogger tag!

    The remarkable blogger tag!

    *Greetingsss* fellow bloggers! This was the first time I got nominated for a tag post and the credit goes to….goes to….Maggie thank you so much dear for nominating me! She has a wonderful blog and what I personally love about her blog is DOODLES. Do check out her blog! This tag was originally created by…

  • Life feat. memes

    Life feat. memes

    Hello everyone!! As you had already come across the title of the blog it’s about memes, I relate to most. In order to pass-the-time in lockdown I go through hundreds thousands of memes. Even now when my classes are regular, I still steal a few seconds to laugh at memes. This is the only thing…