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Tag: lifestyle

  • Scenes that caught my eye!

    Scenes that caught my eye!

    Just wandering around and clicking some pictures. Felt like sharing it with you guys!

  • This is life

    This is life

    This is life. Here you are sometimes sad or sometimes happier than ever, sometimes you are lost or sometimes you know exactly where you stand. Here you met a lot of people some will help you grow while some will try to put you down, some will make your heart loved while some will make…

  • What’s trending in my wishlist#fashionpost2

    What’s trending in my wishlist#fashionpost2

    Hell-loo fashionistaaaas!! In this blog, I am going to share a tiny(very) part of my wishlist with you guys. Let’s begin with what’s on number 1 in my wishlist. #trending1 Flannel shirts are always my go-to-wear attire. These go well with all outfits(like potato goes with all vegetables πŸ˜‚). Ain’t this cool!! #trending2 Ribbed vest…

  • Life feat. memes

    Life feat. memes

    Hello everyone!! As you had already come across the title of the blog it’s about memes, I relate to most. In order to pass-the-time in lockdown I go through hundreds thousands of memes. Even now when my classes are regular, I still steal a few seconds to laugh at memes. This is the only thing…

  • My afresh obsession

    My afresh obsession

    Hey-llo! Mortals β€’!β€’ So I am starting this blog with a very curious question. What is your current obsession? Like, what you peeps are latterly binge onπŸ‘€ I’ll start with mine So I am currently binge watching, um, no, listening. Didn’t get it? Stick around, shortly everything will get crystal clear. When I say listening,…

  • How I want my college life exactly to be VS How it’s going.

    How I want my college life exactly to be VS How it’s going.

    While entering college, we entered a whole new phase of life which is completely different from our previous innocent life bounded between home-school-tution. During my school days, I always heard from my elder brothers and sisters about their college life stories/incidents. I was most curiously awaiting the day i start my college life (though i…

  • Dressed to the nines#fashionpost1

    Dressed to the nines#fashionpost1

    Vougish||Bold||Iconic Having a hard time finding the quintessential outfit conforming to different occasions? Your wardrobe is flooded with clothes but still you’re in a dilemma what to wear outside. It’s nothing new! Or is it? Your dress sense tells a lot about your personality and mentality. Choosing a perfect attire is a big challange. Attires…