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Tag: me time

  • Happiness is the new rich>>

    Happiness is the new rich>>

    Happiness is the most expensive thing. Happiness can’t be bought, it is established. It took years to assemble a heart that can spread happiness. Are you happy? In all honesty, people nowadays, are forgetting real happiness. What it looks like to be genuinely happy. You are not rich until you find something that money can’t…

  • Scenes that caught my eye!

    Scenes that caught my eye!

    Just wandering around and clicking some pictures. Felt like sharing it with you guys!

  • Before I die I want to..

    Before I die I want to..

    What’s on your bucket list? We all have a list of things to do, desires to accomplish and dreams to fulfil. These entities are the highlights of YOUR whole life. When you are at the edge of your existence and tally your entire life that time you will realize what you have accomplished in all…

  • First read’22 #bookpost2

    First read’22 #bookpost2

    New year|New theme|New book Hey y’ll! Welcome again to my blog! Let’s just say I start this year with a bang! I am welcoming 2022 with this pretty novel. Without any further ado, let’s just hop onto the book Name : The Christmas Sisters Author : Sarah Morgan Genre : Domestic fiction, contemporary romance I’m…

  • Books in review #bookpost1

    Books in review #bookpost1

    Who says you can’t leave LOVE upto chance? Book : The Flip Side Author : James Bailey Genre : Romantic-Comedy The story starts with Josh’s perfect idea of proposing his long-term girlfriend, Jade, who is his boss’ daughter, on the top of the London Eye(seems romantic) on New year’s eve. But he gets rejected(why?). And…

  • Self-love


    When you hear the word ‘Self-love’ what pop’s up in your mind? For some people it’s-being always happy or pampering yourself with expensive stuff or doing whatever makes you feel uplifted. Self love is more than just all dolled up and eating your favorite food and then claiming that you are loving yourself. Self love…