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Tag: next read

  • Books I’ve been EYEING on!

    Books I’ve been EYEING on!

    Hello folks! I saw this post onThe name is Divi, and thought this is something even I wanna do so here I am! Also she has a wonderful blog do check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every reader has a long-long list of books that they always wanted to read. Likewise, I also fancy some books and couldn’t…

  • Book Tag|LAST, NOW, NEXT|

    Book Tag|LAST, NOW, NEXT|

    February is the border between winter and spring. Greeting bloggerssss!!!! I just thought to serve ya’ll up with a tag post to start this month with a BOOM. This blog is for all my enthralled bibliomaniacs, let’s discuss our PAST(last), PRESENT(now) and FUTURE(next) read with one another. Without much ado, let’s get to the tag!…