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Tag: obsession

  • Scenes that caught my eye!

    Scenes that caught my eye!

    Just wandering around and clicking some pictures. Felt like sharing it with you guys!

  • An easy guide to make your pictures taken from your phone look professional.

    An easy guide to make your pictures taken from your phone look professional.

    Hello everyone I am Divi, from the blog, where I post about lifestyle, photography and all those little things happening inside my head. This post is the part of the collab that I and Shivakshi am doing, you can find Shivakshi’s post about photography and aesthetics on my blog Here You ever see on Instagram…

  • Aes-the-tic vibesII #photopost2

    Aes-the-tic vibesII #photopost2

    Hello, aes-the-tic-ians!! Welcome back to my blog. So here’s the second part of aesthetic vibes. Click here to check out the 1st part. Aesthetic photography isn’t something new, it just gets hype these days on social media. It is about how you see things around you. You don’t need any perfect set-up or any kind…

  • Books in review #bookpost1

    Books in review #bookpost1

    Who says you can’t leave LOVE upto chance? Book : The Flip Side Author : James Bailey Genre : Romantic-Comedy The story starts with Josh’s perfect idea of proposing his long-term girlfriend, Jade, who is his boss’ daughter, on the top of the London Eye(seems romantic) on New year’s eve. But he gets rejected(why?). And…

  • My afresh obsession

    My afresh obsession

    Hey-llo! Mortals •!• So I am starting this blog with a very curious question. What is your current obsession? Like, what you peeps are latterly binge on👀 I’ll start with mine So I am currently binge watching, um, no, listening. Didn’t get it? Stick around, shortly everything will get crystal clear. When I say listening,…

  • Aes-the-tic vibes!#photopost1

    Aes-the-tic vibes!#photopost1

    Helll-O:) Aesthetics, isn’t it cool! (Ofc, it is¡). This generation is so much drowned in aesthetic culture, you can see me•-• . I am such a sucker for aesthetics. My Pinterest feed exploded with aesthetic themes. You can’t sum up the aesthetics in one word or one sentence. It considers what happens in our mind…